Lilya Novikova electrocuted in her bath in Moscow


Lilya Novikova electrocuted in her bath in Moscow.

Russian international poker star Lilya Novikova has died after being electrocuted in her bath at home.
The 26-year-old was found by an elderly neighbour in her home in Moscow, Russia after reportedly receiving an emergency call from Novikova’s parents.

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Novikova who’s fans referred to her a Lia came tom prominence as a professional online poker player through the popular streaming site

The Red Tea Detox

Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed she had been electrocuted.

All the reports suggest that it was an accident.

It’s believed that the accident may have occurred after she suffered a fatal electric shock while using a hair dryer in the flat.

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Novikova had an engineering degree from Moscow’s prestigious Bauman University and had gained a massive following online.

She also made videos giving her followers top tips on how to improve their poker skills.

She was also a member of and in 2014 won their Russian community contest.

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The group paid tribute to Lilya on their site writing “ would like to send our deepest condolences to all of Liliya Novikova’s friends and family.”

“This was a tragic waste of a young and talented member of the poker community.”


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