Forsyth County triplets share valedictorian honors


Forsyth County triplets share valedictorian honors.

Rommi is the creative one with a powerful curiosity. Zane is the “more serious” analytical one but is also “down-to-earth.” Adam is the “witty” one who everyone seems to know.

The 16-year-old Kashlan fraternal triplets are unique, of course, but they recently accomplished the same remarkable feat: finishing as co-valedictorians of West Forsyth High School’s Class of 2019.

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All three finished with an identical 4.722 grade-point average.

“It just kind of worked itself out,” Zane said. “We just really maximized our rigor. … We took some AP courses, we took some honors courses, normal courses, and the number kind of worked itself out to be 4.722. And that was enough.”

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For a while, the brothers’ lives were oriented by the family’s single minivan. Shuffling the three between their individual activities wasn’t practical, so they were forced to share interests, though they found room for compromise.

“Like Zane wants to go to swimming but I want to go to water polo,” Adam said. “OK, we can go swimming on Mondays and Wednesdays and then we can go to water polo on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

In sixth grade, the brothers each received their own laptop, and their individual interests started to blossom.

Rommi dove into engineering and the life sciences; he learned how to build a computer.

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Zane became drawn toward anatomy, particularly how the brain worked.

Adam developed an entrepreneurial spirit and made money trading virtual goods in video games with friends at school.

The three might be sitting together on the couch with their laptops, but each one was in a different world.

“As if each one got in their own virtual minivan,” said the triplet’s father, Dean Kashlan.

Dean and their mother, Judy, got hints early on that the three were smart while attending a Montessori school for their elementary years. By middle school, it became clear after they took a series of placement tests. All three scored well enough to take high school-level courses at Hopewell Middle School, in Milton, so that by the end of middle school they had completed two years of high school.

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After middle school, the family moved to Forsyth County, and the brothers continued to excel at West Forsyth. They took the same amount of Advanced Placement, honors and regular classes and often times took them together.

Sure, they were competitive, but in a supportive way, Adam said.

“It’s kind of a friendly competitiveness where we’re all working to do our best,” Adam said, “but at the same time we’re not willing to help give answers to each other.”

“We push each other,” Rommi added.


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