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A new Minecraft game is coming out for mobiles that uses augmented reality to put virtual creations in the real world.

Minecraft Earth will be hoping to have similar success to Pokemon Go, which was a massive hit and saw players searching their neighbourhoods for virtual creatures.

The makers say the new version will allow gamers to “create masterpieces together” and take their builds “into the wild at full size” – and even promise “Minecraft pigs parading around your local park”.

The Red Tea Detox

Players will be able to work on a creation at the same time in the same spot.

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It is being released to mark the 10th anniversary of the original Minecraft, which became a gaming phenomenon by allowing players to build 3D worlds using different blocks.

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Augmented reality games like Minecraft Earth use the phone’s GPS function to place the game’s creations in the real world.

The game is coming out as a beta version this summer. Pic: Mojang
The game is coming out as a beta version this summer. Pic: Mojang/Microsoft

The free game will be coming out on Apple and Android devices this summer as a beta version for a limited number of people, but is later expected to roll out to hundred of thousands of players.

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