Pete Sabedra gets high school diploma with grandson


Pete Sabedra gets high school diploma with grandson.

Nearly 80 years later, a member of “the greatest generation” who had to put his life on hold for his family and his country is finally a high school graduate — a title he will share with his teenage grandson.

World War II veteran Pete Sabedra, 92, received his diploma at the Derry Area High School awards ceremony Wednesday night. He was accompanied by his grandson, Kace, a member of this year’s graduating class.

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“It means a lot, what we went through, to go to the service and come back and finish school. It was an honor,” Pete Sabedra said.

“He was there for me my whole entire life,” Kace Sabedra said. “We grew up together, he looked over me as a kid, and I’m graduating this year in the class of 2019, and he’s getting his diploma in 2019, so we’re both graduating. That’s pretty cool.”

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Pete Sabedra was in the eighth grade when his father died. He dropped out of school and began working for the railroad to support his family, then went on to serve in the war.

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After returning, Sabedra got his GED and continued to work for the railroad. He later took a job at Torrance State Hospital and was there for 30 years until retiring in 1985.


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