Zuly Schober wedding ring, remarkable lost and found story


Zuly Schober wedding ring, remarkable lost and found story.

Zuly Schober says she and her family were spending time at Huntington Beach 11 years ago when her wedding ring slipped off in the sand and water. It was hours later when she noticed it was gone, and despite searching for several days, the ring was never found.

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She thought it was gone for good, but a few days ago, she got a Facebook post from a friend saying a ring had been found by a 15-year-old at the beach. Schober reached out to the teen and sent her family a photo. Then came a stunning response. The teen who found the ring says she spotted something shiny in the sand and thought she should check it out.

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After discovering it, she knew she had to try and get it back to its owner, never imagining it had been lost for more than a decade.

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