Dylan Paul: choking teacher saved on a muffin during class


Dylan Paul: choking teacher saved on a muffin during class.

A student at All Saints Elementary in Bay City, Michigan has saved a teacher who was choking.

Principal Lisa Rhodus told WNEM that a teacher was choking on a muffin during class.

Dylan Paul is the student who saved the teacher’s life. Paul told WNEM, “All of a sudden she starts doing the universal choking sign, which I see. I get out of my chair, take off my phones, and I ask her if she is choking.”

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Paul performed the Heimlich maneuver, according to WNEM.

Paul told WNEM that while he was performing the Heimlich maneuver, other students went to get help. By the time help got there, the teacher had stopped choking.

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Paul’s mother is a nurse, but told Rhodus and WNEM that he had learned the move from a video on YouTube.

“I am very thankful for what she has done for me. So I think it kind of made it even,” Paul told WNEM.

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Karen Renko, the teacher that Paul saved, told WNEM, “I am so thankful to have had Dylan in the room at the time. His presence of mind and willingness to step up and help shows that he is wise beyond his years. Dylan is a real live hero.”


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